All Tied Up Coffee

All Tied Up Coffee

All Tied Up is proud to partener up with a local coffee roaster Muggsy's Beans, Inc. Don't worry about having to clean out the "Dubbing Grinder", all brews are available in either whole bean or ground. Here's more details about the brew.

  • Woolly Bugger Wake Up, Tanzanian Peaberry. Tanzanian coffees are grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, under the shade of banana trees, truly an exotic location for this east African coffee. Tanzanian coffee is somewhat similar to the coffee of its neighbor north of the border (Kenya for the geographically challenged), bright, clean and aggressively complex.
  • Bench Side Brew Fly Tying Fuel, Breakfast Blend. The tart taste of French Roast coupled with another delicious, rich coffee (sorry, it's a secret). A real eye opener!
  • Bench Side Brew Decaffeinated. Fair Trade Organic, Mexican coffees are known for being light to medium in body with mild acidity and good balance. A good Mexican coffee will have a taste with hints of hazelnut and berries. A very excellent cup of coffee!






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