African Padauk 3 pc. set

African Padauk 3 pc. set

3 Pc. Custom made African Padauk Tool Set by D.J. Kollamnn 
Set includes:
African Padauk Bobbin W/ Ceramic Tube
African Padauk 7" Bodkin
African Padauk Whip Finishing Tool

“I love working with wood, and fly tying. For well over 20 years I have used most of the various bobbins on the market and most of them did the job reasonably well; but I was never thrilled with the design, other than the advent of the ceramic tube/donut. I figured there must be a better design, something more ergonomically pleasing, and incorporate wood for a touch of elegance, and a ceramic tube to eliminate thread fraying problems. After nearly 20 years of tinkering, I am now making my custom designed wood bobbins, which I feel incorporate all the design technology, functionality, comfort, and elegance that a fly tying bobbin should possess.”
~D.J. Kollmann



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